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Less friction


Bearings with low cross-sectional height

Low cross-sectional height bearings provide a solution with less weight, friction and installation space, more flexible design and high rotational accuracy. They meet the most stringent and individual requirements, making them suitable for use in various industries.

Rolling bearings

Slewing rings consist of an inner and outer ring, one of which usually contains a gear. Together with mounting holes on both rings, they provide quick connection between adjacent equipment components.

Precision bearings

Precision bearings are ideal for machine tools and high precision equipment with high precision and rotational speed and high system rigidity. This makes them suitable for various industries.


Magnetic bearings

Magnetic bearings and systems are ideal for applications that require a combination of high rotational speed and low vibration. With no physical contact, there is no need for lubrication and virtually no friction.

Bearing blocks and housings

Housings with bearing blocks and rolling bearings support the rotating shaft, compensate for misalignment, or transfer loads to the surrounding equipment structure. They are attached to the equipment frame or other supporting structure.

Spherical sliding bearings

Sleeve bearings with spherical sliding surfaces perform smoothing, bending and/or turning motions. Rod ends, bushings, thrust washers and strips suit a wide range of industrial and application applications.

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